Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Last Child by John Hart

Johnny Merrimon's life was turned upside down when his twin sister vanished without a trace on her way home from school. His mother blamed his father, who was supposed to pick her up, causing him to leave, his mother became addicted to pills and alcohol thanks to the supposed family "friend", Ken, who was all too eager to take over her life when her husband left and owns most of the town, they lost their home, and are living in a home Ken gave them, and can take away whenever he feels like it.

Johnny has never been able to stop looking for his sister, even though the police have. While out one day by the town creek, he sees a man run off the bridge by a car, and the man's final word's are "I found her. I found the girl. Run", which Johnny does. He is convinced the man was talking about his long missing sister, even though when he returns home he finds out that another girl has been snatched in broad daylight. As the police try to find the girl, Johnny takes on his own search, to find the missing girl who will hopefully lead him to his sister's whereabouts. He takes to his bike where he checks up on pedophiles, and any other avenue he can think of. But when the truth is finally revealed, it is far from anything Johnny could ever imagine.

This was so much better than Down River. Even though I figured out who it was, it was still a great book. A little unbelievable that a 13 year old kid is riding around on his bike checking up on the town perverts, but still suspenseful. If you like a good thriller, check this one out.

4 stars

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