Monday, March 8, 2010

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

George and Lenny are childhood friends going through California doing work on ranch's to make some money. George is the brains of the pair, quick thinking, always looking out for Lenny, who has the mind of a child. When they go to work at their most recent ranch, George warns Lenny not to get into any trouble, to stay quiet and just do his work. George has painted a picture for he and Lenny: a ranch of their own, with chickens and pigs, alfalfa and rabbits that Lenny will be in charge of caring for. But the ranch owners son hones in on Lenny's lack of wits right off and seems to have it out for him, then there is the ranch owners young wife, who seems to hang around all the men and try to stir up trouble. Lenny tries to do what George asks of him, but things get out of control for him, and George has to make the ultimate decision on what do do about Lenny.
How depressing!! I am sure every one has read this book but me. I loved what a great amazing story East of Eden was, so I thought I would try this one out too. I felt sorry for Lenny, he didn't know any better, but I can see why George felt he had to do something before things got any worse, but I never thought he would do what he did. Lots of symbolism here, but I won't go into it in case someone hasn't read it. Strange book...

3 stars

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