Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Virgin Lies by Rodrick Anscomb

A young girl disappears on her way for coffee for the social services office she volunteers at and the only witness is a homeless woman with multiple personality disorder and paranoia. One of the workers husband is a profiler and is called into consult. The husband and wife lost their son in a car accident years prior and this reopens new wounds. Since they couldn't save there own son, they feel they must save this girl, at any cost to their personal and professional lives.
Psychological thriller I guess but I have never read the words "facial tic" more in my life. Goes into a lot of what the husband sees in his interviews with people regarding the case. There is past history between him and the lead detective on the case, the doctor was suspected of killing her partner. The end leads up to the 2 suspects in the psych hospital where the husband works and the lines he and the guards cross to get the location of the girl were pretty disturbing.
Not that great of a book, but it has it's moments.

2 stars

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