Monday, March 9, 2009

First, There is a River by Kathy Steffen

Emma lives day by day with her two children and her abusive husband Jared. When Jared sends her children away to work on another farm with no regards to them continuing their education, Emma flees during the night to go work on her uncle's riverboat, The Spirit. There she has a happy existence as the boats cook and earns the love of the boats Captain and first engineer, the latter of who was burned severely in a boat explosion and was rescued by her uncle years ago. She fights with her feelings for both men, with no idea that the boat is being trailed and watched by her abusive husband, who is setting the engineer up for murder in the riverside towns, and planning his vengeance against all on board she has become close to. After an accident during a boat race the Spirit is in with the Ironwood, a rival riverboat, Jared comes aboard the Spirit to no one's knowledge and begins his revenge. Will Emma be able to stand up to him and save those she loves? Will she get her children back?

Not something I would usually read, but I was drawn into life on a riverboat and all of it's characters. The story left somethings unresolved, but all in all was a good book.

3.5 stars

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