Friday, May 15, 2009

Shatter by Michael Robotham

Professor and psychologist Joe O'Loughlin gets called to the scene to try to get a woman not to jump off a bridge. She is completely nude, except for red heels and the word "slut" written on her stomach in lipstick. She is holding a cell phone talking to someone. When he is unable to save her the woman's daughter shows up at his front door telling him that her mother would never kill herself, not that way, she was terrified of heights. Joe believes her and is drawn into a sick twisted game with an AWOL soldier who's job was to "break" people the military had in custody by shutting down their senses so the only one in use was their ears, the only voice they could hear was his, and he would drive them to the breaking point. After another senseless death, a woman who was friends with the first victim, who is found in another bizarre way, nude, wearing only shoes a full fledged manhunt ensues. With Joe's personal life starting to fall apart and the twisted mind of the killer, you are led on quite a ride up to the very last page.

5 stars

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