Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Acid Row by Minette Walters

I am trying to catch up on all the books of hers I missed. Story of a neighborhood in London, Bassindale Estates, or Acid Row as its occupants call it. Housed there are junkies, alcoholics, social outcasts basically. Things get out of control when a convicted sex offender is placed in one of the houses and word leaks out to the residents on the Row. A simple march to get him out leads to an insane mob, murder, castration, fires, beatings, and death. A doctor who treats patients on Acid Row answers a simple call for help and ends up being held hostage and in the middle of a situation that is beyond every one's control. Very interesting look at society and the roles it plays in people's situations, how a misinformed public can turn into an outraged mob, and how even the evil can become good in the midst of certain circumstances.

5 stars

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