Saturday, May 31, 2008

Amazon Kindle

I quit smoking after 15 years at the beginning of the year. My big reward to myself was an Amazon Kindle. I think I don't like it. I cannot fond any of the books I am looking for so that kind of sucks. I guess I should give it some more time but I went to B&N today for something for my dad for his birthday and Father's Day which are a week apart and bought what I was looking for that they don't offer. The more I think about this I am going to try to return it or sell it. I just don't like it. I guess, this was kind of a ramble so I apologize.


Anonymous said... are the first person I know of who doesn't like it. Please keep in mind, the numbers are!

I refuse to put that much money in a Kindle, especially when I can buy a notebook for less. At least with the sub-notebook I can write, check email, and read a book from it.

I am sorry you didn't like it, but I think you rock giving up smoking. I've been smoke free for a few years now. Still today I want one. I'll never go back because I never want something like that to have control over me again. Nightmare!

Geez - didn't mean to leave such a long!

Jenn said...

I have the Sony Reader, and it's take a bit of getting used to. I wondered if it was worth the purchase, but I love to be able to pull it out of my purse and start reading when I'm waiting in the doctor's office or something. I think both the Sony Reader and the Kindle will take off even more in the coming years. I heard that Simon and Shuster was going to release something like 2,000 for the Kindle this year.

Don't give up yet! I wouldn't expect it to take the place of your "real" books. I wouldn't ever pass up that experience.